Monday, June 12, 2017

Alaska Wedding

The Happy Couple
Mr. and Mrs. Reise Wayner

Bride photobombing her father

Father and stepmother

Groom and grandmother

Groom's uncle and cousin
The usual Juneau weather held off and they were able to get married outside. Families and friends and food and finery - it was a wedding that came together without mishap. It's too bad Ray couldn't be there - he had finals at University so it just didn't work. Everything else was dandy. They will go to Naknek for a few weeks of set net fishing then will have a honeymoon trip to Nashville, where "it is warm and there's good music and dancing". In August, they will go back to Dutch Harbor for the school year. The next chapter begins.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

The Marina

I'm pretty tired of seeing the Dad socks when I check in on my blog list so here are some pictures from this morning's walk along the harbor. It's nice to have spring weather again.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

The Last of the Sock Yarn

Pattern: SKYP Socks
Yarn: Madeline Tosh BFL Sock
Color: Whiskey Barrel

Pattern: Socks on a Plane
Yarn: Plucky Feet
Color: Gumshoe

These are the latest finished projects and now all of the yarn is used up. It feels good for now. Both pairs are for Jeni so they are longer than I usually make them. They look like Dad socks.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Thelonious Socks

Thelonious Socks
Cookie A pattern
Yarn: Plucky Feet
Color: Corduroy

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Two Quilts for a Children's Home in Johannesburg

I made two QAYG quilts for Little Island Quilting. She donated over 100 quilts to an orphanage in Mexico City and is now collecting quilted blocks and finished quilts for a children's home in Johannesburg. She has passed 100 quilts for this good cause but is still accepting contributions. Even if her efforts take a new direction, I am sure she will find a good use for these child size blankets.

They measure 50" x 62". A lot of the quilting was done by hand using perle cotton and large utility stitches. I am using fabric that I purchased when I lived in Zambia. Originally, my intent was to make whole cloth bedspreads but 20+ years have elapsed and it is time to get some use out of the box of fabric.  

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Warm Weather Months

I am keeping up with my daily journal and have kept another separate log book for our travels in the trailer (and, prior to that, the pop-up camper). But I have neglected the blog. It's time for a quick update.

After our ukulele excitement, we got really carried away and bought guitars. It has been very fun to learn some chords and a couple of strum patterns and now I can honestly say that I play a couple of instruments. I go to a weekly ukulele group in town but almost all of my practice time at home goes to the guitar. We went to two bluegrass festivals in the area this summer which is sort of humbling. I will never catch up to the professionals but the music was fantastic and both of the venues were nice. 

Darrington Bluegrass Festival

Hovander Homestead Bluegrass Festival in Ferndale

Ray was home for the summer, working down at Cap Sante Marina as a dock attendant. He walked miles and miles, every day. He is now back at school in Seattle in a four bedroom apartment next to campus with three roommates.

Dave and I did a few trailer camping trips. The first trip of the summer was up to Lake Osoyoos in British Columbia. We also spent a week in Nevada with my brother camping by a couple of different lakes and met my sister on the Oregon coast in October.




I will skip the knitting photos. Imagine four pair of socks, a couple of sets of gloves and a small pile of hats. Same stuff every season...

Now fall is in full swing. Our fruit trees were good to us this year. We will have all the apple pie that anyone needs. 

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Road Trip to Arizona

Towards the end of January, Dave and I took our new (used) camping trailer down to Arizona. We were hoping for some warm sunshine and planned to meet up with a group of friends, all Alaskan snowbirds. We also knew about a gathering of fiberglass trailers near Quartzsite that was happening around Valentine's Day, so we put that on the schedule as a possibility.

We spent most of our time at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, in the Tucson area and then a week at the Quartzsite event. There was a ukulele teacher there who rekindled my interest in playing and practicing. Dave caught the bug and when we got home, we increased our ukulele inventory. We also met some nice people and made some new friends.