Sunday, January 14, 2018

Two Small Quilts

Finished size - 45" x 45"

I made this quilt awhile ago. I'm not even sure when but it was within the last year. I was inspired by this blog post whose idea came from this tutorial. I used 10.5 inch squares to make the half square triangles and quilted it with both machine and hand stitches. 

The Churn Dash quilt below was originally intended to be a version of Flea Market Dash, a Jen Kingwell design from the book, Quilt Lovely. I tried to pull it off but I just couldn't make the whole thing work with the fabrics I had on hand. This one is a good example of a quilt becoming what it is meant to be. 

It is also both machine and hand quilted and has a two piece backing. Both quilts used the same border fabric.

Finished size - 46" x 60"

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wedding Quilt - June 2017

Finished size - 87" x 108"
I made such a beautiful quilt for our daughter and her new husband last summer and I did a really lousy job taking pictures. It's a challenge for me - I don't like to ask other people to hold them up and I've never devoted the time or supplies to fashioning a rack or some device to do it instead. Neither of our bedrooms are well lit enough for indoor shots so rain and wind and winter often interfere with the conditions needed for a good outside image.

Enough whining about the pictures. The quilt is gone and it was appreciated by the new owners so that is what really matters. The pattern is called Emily's Wedding Quilt from The Quilting Company. Katherine picked it out and showed me some fabrics that she liked. I liked the design a lot - it was simple enough but still challenging in many respects. I used contrast to emphasize the repeating shapes and I was really happy with how it turned out. I also simplified the borders, using a single fabric instead of three stripes. The cornerstones are four different turquoise prints and the binding is a black and white stripe. An extra-wide robin egg blue backing was an easy way out for that step and actually looked quite good once the quilt was complete. I had a local quilter, Peggy Wilbur, do the long arm quilting with a pattern of interlocking circles of various sizes. I also added some hand stitched details before it went off to its new home. It was a way for me to put in some more layers of love and good wishes. Happy Wedding!

Monday, December 18, 2017


It was a summer of visitors at our house this year. We had a dozen or so sets of houseguests and also stopped to see other folks here and there while we were traveling ourselves. It's been about 40 years since college but we are both still in touch with many people and some of these connections have stayed strong. Former Alaskans, friends of friends and new folks Dave has met while out riding his motorcycle have also stayed with us for a day or three. Many of our friends now share our interest in camping trailers and small RVs so we have built some trips around coordinated campground meet ups. We agreed on a place and some dates later this winter for a trip with another couple and then Dave sent out an email telling others where we will be and when. We now have a group of about 30 people with reservations at the same campground. I guess we have a bunch of retired friends with nothing better to do. 

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Some Sewing

I did a series of zippy pouches a few months ago and when I was done, I had made eleven. I started to find homes for them before I completed the streak so I never got a picture of all of them together. I've used various tutorials over the years and now I just seem to cobble up my own formula and sizing. I used some metal zippers that I got from Zipit on Etsy and whatever fleecy interfacing I found in the box. It is good to have some pouches on hand for hostess gifts and other occasions where a little token is appreciated.

This sock monkey guy has a story and a sibling sock elephant that is too homely to photograph. My friend, Barbara, had a yearning to make these and a pile of socks so she and I spent a couple of afternoons together, sewing and catching up. It was a fun project and I have found a four year old that might appreciate finding these under the Christmas tree. I dunno - lovable creatures to some? Those super soft fleece plushies have much more appeal, I think. Maybe someone likes the idea that they used to be socks but most kids are not going to care much about it.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Another Trailer

Sawtooth Range - Idaho
We had a small camping trailer which we sold last spring. Then in September, camping season rolled around again and we bought another one. We had a successful road trip in the summer using a tent but it is much harder in the cold months. Dave did a lot of work on getting the used rig up to speed. He installed a solar panel and a lot of additional lights both inside and out and really cleaned it up so it sparkles. We had a great trip camping down in Oregon with some friends and did a short trip one weekend pretty close to home. We'll use it enough to justify having it and I think we'll try harder not to sell this one.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Walking with Friends

My running and bicycling days are behind me, I guess. 😐 But everybody needs exercise. 

This is a nice town for walking with good trails and decent year round weather. I have two friends that are my main walking buddies but, of course, I don't have any good pictures of them. Dave comes with me sometimes and often I go alone. I like walking around the harbor right in town but also really like the Tommy Thompson trail and the trail out by the ferry terminal. The loop road in Washington Park is closed to cars until 10 am so that is a great place to walk as well. The last main trail that I use is the Padilla Bay Shore Trail, aka the Dike Trail. 

There are so many other places to walk - Mt. Erie and the three lakes that are right in town - Little Cranberry, Heart Lake and Whistle Lake. It's great to have so many lovely choices. 

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Did everybody like the Great British Bake Off as much as I did? I watched all of the seasons that are available here and I'll probably watch them again. There is drama but it is never hyped and the food photography is fantastic. When technology changes and we are all able to smell and taste through our screens, we are sunk. It's hard enough to resist just looking at the treats.

I've been inspired by it all but haven't gone overboard. We really shouldn't be eating bread and dessert every day so I usually wait until there is company around to share the caloric load. The holidays are a good excuse, too.

Cinnamon Star Bread (Savory version)