Friday, December 04, 2015

Road Trip to Texas

We were gone 5 weeks and I have a lot of photos. Too many for a blog post. So I will just put up one and if you want to see more, I will sit down with you and we can look at the rest on my phone.

It was an "empty nest" trip. Dave and I have many places we want to see and now that Ray is off to college, we can easily leave town for longer trips. There is a void to fill with the boy gone, and wandering around the West seems as good a strategy as any to make the adjustment. 

A group of friends from college were meeting in California in mid-October for a reunion so that got our trip to Texas onto the calendar. We camped for a few days prior to the meet-up and saw my brother and sister in Reno on the way. Colusa, Carrizo Plain and Dana Point were our main stops in California. We moved on to Arizona, New Mexico and West Texas, all fantastic places to camp and explore. We were mostly down around the Rio Grande river and spent a couple of days in Big Bend National Park. We crossed over to a small Mexican pueblo in a rowboat and rode burros into the village for lunch. That's a good picture - big Dave on a little donkey. 

My father grew up in Hebbronville, Texas, so we found the house his father built and got a tour by a wonderful woman who lives there with her husband. She grew up next door and knew my grandparents when she was a little girl. Alma Martinez, what a sweetheart! She treated us like family and fondly told us stories about these people I never really knew.

Brownsville was our destination and the place we turned toward home. First, though, we had family time for a week with two cousins and an elderly auntie. It was easy to hang out with people we rarely see but family is family. Making the journey wasn't difficult - it is far (Texas is huge) but we had plenty of time and it was well worth the trip.

Ok, since you asked, one more picture, the last one I took - with my brother, Carlos, in Wyoming.

Thursday, September 03, 2015

3 Baby Quilts

I've finished three baby quilts for donation over the past couple of months. It was a project inspired by leftover charm squares and scraps and it felt good to get some use out of stuff that was just laying around. 

All of the quilts measure 39" x 47" after washing. I guess that makes them crib quilt size or thereabouts. My friend, Jeni, works for Navy Relief and they give welcome kits to families of new babies. I hear a lot of stories about these young sailors and their situations so I am happy to send some warmth their way.

They are machined quilted and the binding was sewn by machine, as well. Usually I hand stitch binding but I hope these get a lot of use and they will need to hold up well in the laundry.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Nalu Mitts

Pattern: Nalu Mitts
Needle: US 3

This is the second pair of these I've made. About six months ago, I finished the first set and gave them away before any photos were taken. I had enough yarn left over to make another pair - they will be a birthday gift as well.  

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Starfall Quilt - The Final Version

I've been poking along on this quilt since February and finally got it finished about a week ago. There was no rush on the hand quilting so it just took as long as it took. 

Sometimes it is hard to answer the question, "Why?" As in, why have a quilt on your lap in the summer or why even make another quilt? But there is always a time when some hand work seems like the right way to pass some time and it's good to have a project going.

The backing is two fabrics only, vertically pieced into a one third/two thirds ratio which seems the most pleasing arrangement to my eye.

Before washing, the measurements were 66" x 81". Out of the dryer, the new dimensions are 61" x 76", quite a loss. Of course, it really doesn't matter how big they turn out.