Monday, April 21, 2014

Drogon Socks

More socks! I have the fever! 

These Drogon Socks are made from one of the patterns from the April 2014 edition of the Cookie A sock club. The stitches represent dragon scales from a particular character on the Game of Thrones. The yarn is Plucky Feet and the color is called Speak Softly, a lovely lavender that does a poor job of representing a fierce, blue dragon but it does knit up with great stitch definition and makes some pretty nice footwear.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sake Socks

I am turning into a professional sock model - ha! Well, at least I have found a fairly reliable spot for pictures with good light and a background that isn't too distracting. The cement usually needs to be swept clean but there is a secure spot for the camera on the mini-tripod and the self-timer does the rest. 

This pattern is called Sake. It was published in my current favorite book, Knit.Sock.Love by Cookie A. It has twisted stitches and cables and lots of narrow columns traveling back and forth. Some of the other knitters that have made this pattern commented on the tightness of the fit and their tendency to run out of yarn before finishing so I made some changes to the design as I went along. It was a success because my socks are sized just right and I had a bit of yarn left over. 

The yarn is Hazel Knits Artisan sock in the colorway Zest. Yep. Pretty screaming orange.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Bee Blocks for March and April 2014

For March, the Cheer Circle of Do Good Stitches charity quilting bee did blue wonky star blocks and nine patch squares. The tutorial is pretty well known online: Silly BooDilly's Wonky Star Tutorial.

For April, we made scrappy green X and + blocks. The popular tutorial (here) from the Badskirt blog was inspired by a Japanese quilter, Setsuko Inawaga.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Malvin Socks

I wanted to make a pair of uncomplicated "vanilla" socks after my run of several highly patterned pairs. I bought some yarn with pretty colors to keep me entertained but it gave me some trouble with pooling. I tried a couple of different fixes but eventually I just decided to embrace it. They are what they are.  

The yarn is Manos del Uruguay Alegria; the color is Malvin. I have a fair amount left over so I may make another pair of socks with Malvin; maybe stripes!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Possibly Maybe Socks

Hazel Knits Artisan Sock Yarn - Woodland

This is the second pair of socks from the February shipment of the Cookie A. sock club. The pattern is called Possibly Maybe, named after a song by Bjork, a favorite singer of the designer. 

The sock club has been interesting, in that the patterns and yarn are all prepaid and arrive without any preview on a predetermined schedule. I have only received the one shipment; the next package is due in a couple of weeks. There is an element of surprise, of course, but there are "spoilers" on Ravelry so you don't really have to wait for the mail delivery to see what the yarn looks like. The patterns are all delivered electronically so everybody gets them at the same time.

What has been interesting is figuring out how much surprise I want (yes, I peeked at the pictures a couple of days before I got my package) and how my first impressions have evolved. I did not immediately love either pattern but I liked this one less than the Bjork socks. Now, after finishing both pairs, I love these and don't care all that much for the pink Bjorks I made. It's okay; I will find them a home. My friend, Luanne, had the opposite opinion, I think. She loves the Bjorks and could take or leave the Possibly Maybes. 

We both love the Plucky Feet yarn but Luanne has gone a bit Plucky crazy and has a big pile of it now. She was sweet and brought me a skein from California. We're both looking forward to the next installment of the sock club!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Stalagmite Socks

Needles - 2.25 mm

Hazel Knits yarn - Bloom

Wound into two balls

Knit two at a time on two sets of needles

The pattern design creates a mirror image

A custom fit! Cushy and warm.