Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pens! Paper!

Ray was given a cheap fountain pen by a friend at school and it started a little flurry of purchasing around here. I already owned a few of these notebooks and pens but I bought more, for him and for me, and now I think we have enough.

When we traveled to Albuquerque for a week in November, I took a very small, hand made journal along to attempt a bullet journal. My schedule is not that difficult to keep track of but I liked the idea of having my short term and long term to-do lists and some daily notes all in one place. I filled up the first notebook in a few weeks and am now working steadily on Bullet Journal #2.

Everyone will have their own way of making such a project work. I like to glue a few things in, like a Smash Book or scrapbook, and do a few drawings and use some rubber stamps here and there. Mostly, I just document some highlights of the day and have cleaned up several of the project and stash lists I used to have scattered across my desk. I like having an index in the front so numbered pages have proven to be useful. I really like the paper of my current notebook, a Rhodia Webnotebook, but it is awkward to write in because it has remained stiff and will not lay flat. So, I won't choose that one again. There are a couple of others already in the pile that I will try next.

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