Friday, August 22, 2014

Windschief Hats

I wanted to make Dave a hat so he chose a pattern and a color from some options I gave him. He only got to pick from some of my favorites so the finished product worked out well for both of us. He wasn't here to model for the pictures but it's a good fit on the real guy. 

The pattern is Windschief and the yarn is Plucky Trusty in a color called Make a Grown Man Cry (yes, really). I weighed the leftovers and realized I had enough to knit another one. 

I'll check with my father-in-law, Bud, to see if he wants it. I went out crabbing with them today in their boat. There were a lot of little ones in the pots and three keepers. It was nice and calm out on the water.

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