Thursday, May 15, 2014

Low Tide

It made me happy to go for a walk today. It was completely flat and under a mile but it was the first real walk I have had for a few weeks. I was done in by a sneeze that sprained my back and regular exercise and routine chores had to all take a major pause while I recovered. 

There were things to be grateful for along the way. I finished reading "I Will Bear Witness", a diary of a Jewish man during the Nazi years in Dresden. So, yeah, my back was killing me but I was well fed and there was no risk of fire bombs or the gestapo. A friend loaned me the book; she also came to visit while I sat on the couch and other friends came as well. Everybody has a back injury story, it seems, and I'm glad I wasn't out on a wilderness kayak trip with diarrhea when it happened or stuck on the kitchen floor for hours with a package of Lorna Doones. 

I was thankful to be retired. I can't imagine having to call in sick for three weeks straight. 

And, boy, Dave just stepped up and did whatever needed to be done. I am lucky to have such a kind man in my life. I could read and knit and play with my phone and laptop and I could almost always sleep, so the days seemed to pass by, one after the other, and now I can go for a walk. 

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