Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lissajous Socks

I felt hopeful about these socks at several points along the way but I also felt a nagging, constant unease. The pattern is part of a knit along that I have been participating in for a few months and I liked it more some times than others. I finally decided that the way to like it all the way was to knit it up in a gradient yarn. 

But the yarn was a disappointment from the moment I opened the package. I thought it might look better wound up and then that it might look better knit up but it actually never really did. So the boost the pattern was going to get from the gradient effect did not materialize. Oh, well. Not every pair proves to be a favorite.

Lissajous Socks

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Anita Boutette said...

you may not be 100% on the color, but the knitting you did is exquisite! your sis