Friday, February 28, 2014

19 Hats

I went on a hat making tear and the pile grew to nineteen before it was over. I combined leftovers from lots of other projects and chose sizes according to how much I had of each color. Most are for babies or toddlers. These are headed for donation; probably I will give them to Navy Relief or the Soroptimist Thrift Store here in town.


These two are made from the Little Scallops pattern. I like this hat best when the lighter color is on top. Because of my supply, I only made two of these but this hat is so cute, it would be worth buying yarn just to make it. 

I also made seven or eight Barley hats (shown in picture at top of post). It's another great pattern for leftovers as it is easy to memorize and is very adjustable for different weights of yarn and head sizes.

Stripes are always fun!

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