Thursday, January 30, 2014

Baby Sweater

A friend gave me a few balls of yarn that she was no longer interested in and I made a baby sweater and a hat from two of the skeins. The yarn is a neutral color, "Misty Taupe" (yikes!), and machine washable so it is on the practical side for a gift. Babies in the newborn to three month size range don't get a lot of use out of their sweaters in any case. Perhaps some infant with just the right skin tone will look good in it. 

I will donate this set. I am working on a few other child size hats - using up some leftover yarn - and will have a small pile to give away soon. I joined the Cookie A Sock Club this year and will have fancy socks to work on beginning next week.

The yarn is Spa.

US Size 5 needles.

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