Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Kilter Hat

When I saw this pattern, I wanted to make the hat out of the same exact yarn that the designer used. Luckily, it was available and, wow, it is squishy and gorgeous in real life. Sometimes pictures do a good job of representing reality!

The pattern is Kilter and on Ravelry, it says it is published in Dull Roar. It turns out Dull Roar is a blog (linked above) but in my mind, the hat name was Dull Roar and I still call it that rather than Kilter. It doesn't much matter but funny how things get switched around in one's head. 

I used smaller needles because I didn't have giant sizes 13 and 15 so my hat probably isn't as poufy as the pattern. I made the entire thing twice; the band was reknit because it was too small, the hat was reknit because it was too big and the crown decreases looked lacy so I reknit those as well. Still, it was a quick project and it fits well so all of the ripping out of stitches was worth it.

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