Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Outdoors - On The Road

My friends in Oregon City have the BEST outdoor shower! I stayed with Patty for a couple of days and enjoyed the goats and the fresh tomatoes and the huge amazing walnut tree. We shopped a bit in Portland and had fabulous meals and worked on our knitting while listening to great music. It was so fun to hang out with my buddy. I sure miss living in the same town as her. 

Camping near Mt. Hood - Oregon

Crater Lake - Oregon

Diamond Lake - Oregon

Goose Lake - Northern California

Black Rock Desert - Nevada

Black Rock Desert - Nevada

Dave and I camped for a few days en route to visit family and friends in Reno and California. The family reunion on his side sort of blew up and didn't really happen but it was fun to drive through the gold country of the western Sierra Nevada range and stop in small towns and at scenic vistas. I went on up to Chico for my 40th high school reunion and was glad to spend a couple of days in my home town. It was hot and as dry as a dog biscuit but the peaches were ripe and I loved reconnecting with pals from way long ago. It was lucky that some people still have landlines or some of the contacts never would have happened!

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