Saturday, August 31, 2013

French General Baby Quilt

This small quilt was made out of offcuts from another larger quilt. It seemed a shame not to use them and it came together pretty quickly. I added a strip of a khaki colored solid to make it bigger but it still only measures 30" x 36". It's big enough to keep an infant off the floor and could then be used later in a crib or over a car seat. 

I'm planning to donate it to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. My friend, Jeni, works there and they outfit all parents of newborns with a basket of supplies, including a blanket or quilt for the baby. The hospital at the nearby Naval Air Station has several hundred births per year so I may have found an easy place to make donations.


Beverly said...

Well done! Love the tan panel.

Beverly said...

Now begins the wrestling match with Google and blogger. No I'm not a robot.