Thursday, July 11, 2013

Taiyo Socks

I wouldn't call it desperation but, at the time I bought this yarn, I really wanted to make some stripey socks. I didn't have the yarn I wanted in my stash and I didn't want to wait for mail order so I went downtown to the local store. The clerk was so helpful and had so many good suggestions and I really wanted to buy something. So I settled.

When I got home with my ball of Noro Taiyo Sock, I realized it was single ply. Oops. The last time I used one ply yarn for socks, I didn't really like it. I also didn't much like how the Taiyo handled while knitting so after the toes were finished, I read the reviews on Ravelry. No one who commented liked the yarn very much, yet there were over 2,000 projects posted. I think it is the combination of the single ply and the blend of fibers. The cotton and silk are inelastic and sort of sticky and the yarn twists back on itself in a most annoying way.

Nevertheless, I pushed on through the mist of mild dissatisfaction and now have a comfy, colorful pair of simple socks. There must be a skein of striping sock yarn out there for me somewhere.

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