Thursday, July 18, 2013

French General Quilt for Karin

This quilt was made as a present for a particular person and place - my friend, Karin, and her condo in Las Vegas! These are her colors and fit perfectly with the decor of her pretty new home.

I used a layer cake of French General fabric and then added another row of blocks to make the finished quilt more rectangular. I had to buy some extra fabric but the leftovers got used on the back.

I was able to quilt it on my machine, using a loopy stitch pattern and a borrowed Bernina #29 free motion quilting foot. I also did the quilting downstairs in our dining room which seemed to help with the heavy wrangling. It looks better than the last one I did - but whether it was because of the practice, the foot or the bigger table, I don't know!!

Notes for future reference: 

Size of finished top - 57" x 75.5"
Size after quilting - 56" x 74.5"
Size after washing/drying - 53.5" x 72"

I was inspired by this quilt from Fresh Lemons who was inspired by this tutorial from Kelbysews. I used the 4.5" sizing for my corner blocks and, yes, I have 96 sewn triangles left over to make something else. For now, I don't feel like ironing and trimming, so that will be a project for another day.

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Kelly said...

Looks great!!!!! Don't you dare throw out those triangles!