Sunday, June 30, 2013

Zoom Loom

Zoom Loom

Last week, I went to Bellingham with a couple of friends to look around at a weaving conference. The Association of Northwest Weavers' Guilds Conference had a Marketplace Mall where vendors set up booths and sold yummy yarns and weaving tools and other fun fiber related goods. There were also some displays put together by the guilds which showcased the work of the members.

I knew I would find some sock yarn (and I did) but I was also on the lookout for a Zoom Loom. Last fall, I had seen some small looms (see photo below) at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival but I didn't buy one and they were still somewhat on my mind. 

Hazel Rose Looms
I first saw the Zoom Loom on the Purl Bee website where almost everything they feature looks abnormally attractive. I don't really see the need for woolen drink coasters but I am strangely interested in weaving up 4 inch squares. I have made up a short stack of wool and cotton samplers and stitched a few of the cotton ones together to make a couple of face cloths. The cotton is much more difficult to work with and I only persevered because, well, I guess I just like to complete what I start and it seemed like they may be of some use to someone. 

I have some super soft alpaca/merino/bamboo yarn that is easy to weave which I might end up turning into a nice neck scarf. That is what I am envisioning at this point but I have a few more squares to go before I know what the scarf will look like and whether I will have enough yarn.

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