Monday, March 04, 2013

Mitered Square Pillow

Side A
I've been saving my leftover sock yarn for years and occasionally use it for sock repair or as a supplement to color work hats. Recently, between projects and low on supplies of inspiring yarn in my stash drawer, I looked around online for some inspiration to use some of the leftover balls on a different sort of project. I really liked this one but didn't really get along with the circular knitting. I also didn't want to have to buy background yarn which really makes that pattern work. I was trying to use up yarn, not buy more...

So, eventually, I settled on a mitered square. I read a few different tutorials, knit up a couple of samples and, combining techniques, I settled on a method I liked best. I decided to knit all the squares first, without joining them as I went, for a couple of reasons. Some people can visualize a finished project very well and can plan ahead or they are happy with random but I knew that I would want to shuffle the colors around in a grid once I had completed all of the blocks. I also wanted small, small knitting in my hands, not a growing body of work. So I opted for the strategy of knitting all the blocks, then crocheting them together.

I did think about making my blocks into an afghan but after 25 or 30, a pillow seemed like a better option. My friend, Barbara, just got a beautiful new rug in her pretty new house and the colors of the rug and the pillow were meant to be together. 

I think it might need a bit more of an edge so we'll give it some time and see what Barbara wants. 

Side B

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