Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gloves to Give As Gifts

Making gloves kept me interested for a few weeks so I had a few pairs to give as Christmas gifts. I like making the fingers but sometimes I reject those patterns because I don't much like weaving in all the ends. Some folks really like wearing this type of glove; for me, if it is cold enough for gloves, I want my  fingers covered, too. They were all fun to make.

The pattern for this pair is here. I happened to have a copy of the magazine in my cupboard.

This pattern is here. There are some good notes on Ravelry about centering the cable pattern. I read them too late for this pair but next time, I'll make the adjustment. The yarn is Madeline Tosh (yum!) and, though I only used the one skein, the gloves look like they are made from different colors. Hand painted yarns can be odd like that.

This is just my generic glove pattern with a garter rib cuff, made with fingering weight yarn.

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