Monday, October 01, 2012


The Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival was held last weekend down near Portland, in the small town of Canby. Arriving from different directions, my sister and I met in the parking lot and wandered around the various booths and exhibition areas together for most of a day. It was such an easy and perfect day to look at animals and fiber products and enjoy visiting and hanging out. 

It is a five hour drive to get there so I wanted to take a few days for the trip. I had some time before the Festival to wander around and relax in Portland, and was able to check out a couple of yarn and fabric stores that I hadn't been to before. I guess I am not a very ambitious shopper, though, because I did not hit all of the places I had on my list. These are worth checking out and are easily found on the internet.

Fabric stores:

Fabric Depot
The Whole Nine Yards
Josephine's Dry Goods
Cool Cottons

Yarn stores:

Knit Purl
Close Knits
Happy Knits

Anita and I also joined a friend, Luanne, and her sister, Joanne, for a lovely dinner at Nel Centro and a night at the Oregon Symphony where Luanne performed as a percussionist. Great job, Luanne!

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