Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ski Patrol Party

Fire breathing dragon
Here is a scroll of pictures from our recent family trip to Oregon. We drove down with the camper to attend an annual reunion (the 42nd!) of a group of Dave's college friends. They were all on Ski Patrol together at Mt. Hoodoo in Oregon, back in the day, and gather every year for a weekend barbeque. It started as a end-of-season banquet, evolved to a kegger, brownie bash and now has morphed into a mellow, camp out with grills and lawn chairs. 

It is a great group of friends and it is always fun to catch up. We stopped along the way to see other people and places - my cousin, my sister and her family, and old friends from Juneau. Ferries and freeways, a sunny day at the beach, single A short season baseball in Eugene, swimming in a reservoir, sock knitting on the road - it was a lot of activity for me! Fun! We were glad to have Ray along; he is still our boy, but now such a mature young man that we know our time together with a child is drawing to a close.


The King Swing


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John Corso said...

Outstanding shot of Ray on the swing.