Thursday, July 05, 2012

NE Oregon Camping Trip

Dave and I went camping for a week in NE Oregon. Ray was finally out of school and off on his own vacation with another family so we loaded up the truck with a cooler and a tent and off we went. There is so much pretty country out there! 

Dave is frequently out touring on his motorcycle and he brought home some information a couple of years ago about the Oregon Trail Museum near Baker City and a brochure that outlined a loop around the Wallowa Mountains. It was enough of a plan to get started and we figured out the details as we went along.


We stayed off the freeway and tried to go slow. The map showed routes that looked interesting and we ended up on a few roads that were down to one lane dirt tracks in some pretty lonely places. We sure didn't wish to trade our four wheel drive truck for a brace of oxen and a covered wagon. The canyons and rivers were huge, and even now, with the landscape tamed by asphalt and dams, it is hard to imagine how people made it across 2000 miles in one season.

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