Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yarn from Pagewood Farm

After a disappointing trip to the fabric store (Sold out of what I wanted? I needed more!), it was easy to find something I liked at the yarn shop a couple of blocks away. It's about time for me to switch gears and make a pair of socks. I wound this beauty into two balls of equal weight and now need to dig around in my books and Ravelry faves to choose a pattern. I haven't had knitting on my mind for some time, but it is always there, lurking below the surface.

The color is called Camo? Wouldn't Butterbeer be a prettier name? I suppose no one wants greenish hair, but it reminds me of the lovely locks on a high end blonde fresh from the salon, all streaks of sunlit color...

This was the only skein I liked in the whole store. I have been craving some Madeline Tosh sock yarn for awhile but have failed to find any locally and haven't managed to put in an order online. Last winter (I hate to admit it), I discovered a moth problem in parts of our house so I have been reluctant to buy a bunch of expensive moth food until I was sure the little buggers had moved on. Gone or not, it is time to knit again.

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