Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Motorcycle Tool Boxes

Give a retired guy a shop full of tools, a couple of motorcycles and an idea - and what do you get?  A project that turns into a business...

Dave saw some wasted space between the frame of his bike and the rack that supports the touring panniers. He made a tool box to fit this spot exactly - first a plywood version, for a pattern, and then a much nicer one out of aluminum.  A buddy wanted a box for his bike, then another guy saw it and asked for one. Someone posted a picture online on the Adventure Riders web forum that this group frequents, and the requests began to trickle in. 

It's a nice little box - it keeps the greasy tools away from the clothes and doesn't add any bulk to the load. 

The hinges, rivets and locks have all evolved since the first box was built. The design has been improved and the production methods streamlined. He has needed to buy more tools (surprise!) and now has a nice website, thanks to our friend, John Corso.

Dave has sold boxes to men in Brazil, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Columbia. People seem to like them - word of mouth is keeping sales going and he has sold more than 60 so far. A magazine writer is going to interview Dave later this month and expects to publish an article soon. He may be spending even more time out in the shop.


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