Friday, May 11, 2012

Background Fabrics

I was pretty sure I wanted a red-on-white dotted fabric for the background for this Rose Star quilt top.

These pictures show some trials with the only dots in my fabric stash drawer. Too big, too close together, wrong colors, etc. but it did illustrate what wouldn't work.

After wasting some time online, studying websites, trying to guess at scale and color, it occurred to me to go downtown! Shop local! Duh!

The fabric I ended up getting has black dots, not red. I was so sure that red would work. The black just looked so much better in the store than any of the others and I had five or six reds to choose from.

I like it, especially up close. Once I had a few blocks laid out and stood back, there wasn't quite as much contrast as I wanted but I'm pretty sure I don't want to go with plain white. I'll finish up the final two blocks and make a few white shapes to try in place of the dots and make the final decision then.

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