Monday, January 02, 2012


I am glad we went to Reno for the first half of Christmas break, because the second half proved to be filled with inactivity. We went to a couple of nice parties around Christmas which were great and it was delightful to have Katherine around for five days but we didn't do anything special while she was here. She was content to lie around, on one couch or another, flipping through books and we all went on with our usual hobbies and entertainments. I made a pretty beaded scarf which I need to photograph and Dave put the kids to work for a few hours splitting up some rounds for firewood. 

I titled this post "Vago" because it captures our week so well. Vago became a frequently used word in our family when we had our fabulous, Spanish speaking, Peruvian exchange student, Leonardo, living with us eight years ago. It means both vague and lazy, and once he used it to describe somebody else, we lovingly attached it to him. Leo, at 19, would sleep until four in the afternoon and then would get up and drink a gallon of grape juice. He is the friendliest guy and we called him hijo and guapito way more than we called him vago. Some day we will visit him and his family in Piura.

June 2004

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