Friday, January 06, 2012

Hexagon Table Runner

This project has been finished for a month or so but it has taken awhile to get some pictures of it. It is 16" x 42", a nice fit for our small dining table. I liked doing the English paper piecing; it was easy to find tutorials online and make adjustments in technique to what seemed to work best for my sewing style. I used the ladder stitch to join the hexagons together and machine quilted the hexies to the background fabric.

Hexagon prints for binding and background!
It doesn't sit perfectly flat on the table top but it is close enough. It will likely settle down a bit as it ages. Yeah - don't we all?


Samantha said...

I really love this runner and I am using it as inspiration to make one of my own. I am new to EPP and wanted to start off small :) Btw I was snooping around your blog and you are one talented lady!

I found this on Flickr a while ago but am now going to start it. I just wanted to say Thanks!

Katy said...

I really love the colors! So bright and cheery. Good job!