Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ninja Quilt

We had a few minutes downtown before a haircut appointment and Ray came in to the fabric store with me.  There is not much else to look at in such a place and he saw one bolt which warranted a comment.  "This stuff is cool," he said.

An offhand remark from a teenage boy is enough to inspire a quilt but I was also working from a memory of this quilt when I bought the Chisai Ninja fabric and some more red and black coordinates. As it turns out, my finished product looks nothing like the pretty art quilt that I liked.  The kanji characters on all of the prints are oriented vertically and Ray said he thought the quilt should mimic that layout. 

It is sort of an Asian fusion design because there is some Confucius text fabric in the mix and Chinese dragons on the back.  I had the quilting done by Gretchen Monti.  She said the pantograph characters spell out "Challenge, Conquer, Success", but I don't know what the red characters say on the fabric.

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J. DeLair said...

This is stunning. I love the layout you chose.