Sunday, September 11, 2011

Band Uniforms

Ray started high school last week and we learned that taking a band class means being in the marching band.  Our daughter went to a high school in Juneau that didn't even have a football team, let alone a marching band, so it has been interesting to learn a bit about the traditions and practices of these loud and colorful groups.  A fellow parent talked about her history with a BIG, seriously competitive band that her son was involved with in San Diego, which made me realize how relaxed and easy-going this year is going to be by comparison.

School started on a Wednesday and three days later, Ray's band marched with 28 other high schools during halftime at a University of Washington football game in Seattle.  There were 3000+ musicians performing in front of 62,000 (or so) people.  It was a dramatic start to the year. Ray's favorite part of the day was a flyover by a military C-17 jet but I think he had a ton of fun just riding the bus and hanging out with his 40 some band friends all day.

All of the new students and some of the returning students needed to be fitted for uniforms. I helped with some of the alterations and was duly impressed by the excellent quality of the fabric and tailoring that went into these military style garments.

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