Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Small Projects

I was playing with scraps and made some pincushions.  The first one was made with paper pieced hexagons, just to try out the technique.  I can see how it would only appeal to some but I like needle and thread hand sewing (as long as I have good light) so it was enjoyable for me.  The other two are scraps from the latest quilt, just pieced together then shaped into a square and circle.  All are stuffed with poly fiberfill; on my next trip across the Skagit Valley I will buy some lizard litter at Petco.  I have read that crushed walnut shells are better stuffing as it adds some necessary heft to the cushions.

I also made some beanbags (filled with popcorn) for juggling.  Ray was grounded from electronic screens for 24 hours and had to fill his time doing something.  The interest in learning to juggle did not last very long, but it was a mighty quick sewing project. 

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