Sunday, July 31, 2011

Project Runway - The Dragon Quilt

This quilt project was a bit like one of those reality shows - Project Runway, Top Chef, Design Star.  The contestants get a few materials and work from there.  Tim Gunn tells them to "Make it work."

A woman I work with had some fabric left over from recovering her dining room chairs.  She mentioned that she liked the print so much and she wanted to have a quilt made from the scraps.  I happily volunteered to sew one up for her and suggested we go shopping together for additional fabric.  No, she said, she would buy some and bring it in.  Here are my materials:

The scraps - gray dragons on white background

Cherry blossoms with green and black background - Also orange sun (or moon?)!

Japanese ladies with blue dresses and pink flowers

I began by fussy cutting the dragons from the scraps.

Then I began a long process of trying to make these fabrics she loved all work together.  My friend, Barbara, had a pile of Asian fabrics that she offered to the project which were essential to the final result.

And gradually I made a quilt.  I learned a lot along the way (metallic thread is not my favorite) and my friend at work was THRILLED with her gift.  It was well worth the effort and, I gotta admit, just the sort of thing I like to do.  Figure it out and make it work.

The front - hand and machine quilting

The back - she wanted the dragons and the ladies separated.


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Jeanne said...

Oh, it's lovely! I especially like the asymmetry -- very Asian.

I like those "problems" too -- they can be frustrating, but so very satisfying when they come out right.