Sunday, June 05, 2011

Music in the Parks

Ray's school participated in a music competition at a water park yesterday.  These events are held each year in amusement parks across the country.  The competition was more like a festival; I think every school got a trophy and the venues are selected to reward the kids for their practice and improvement over the school year.  The local band director expects a lot from the bands he teaches and puts difficult and challenging material in front of them on a regular basis.  The middle school choir also performed and took home first place and overall trophies.

When chaperones were chosen for the all day affair, I took two steps back but since the organizers wanted a nurse or a medical professional, I still made it on the list.  It was pretty fun and the kids had a great time. I enjoyed the music and the water park was fabulous for people watching.  I had some knitting on the bus and tried not to hear the details of Truth or Dare or "who likes who".  Even without the brass and the drums, those kids were loud.

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