Monday, May 09, 2011


We are called "sewists" now, apparently.  People who sew (contrived), seamstesses (old maidish and excludes men) and sewers (calls up images of pipes used to carry sewage) are terms that can be used in a pinch.  Quilters are a only sub-category of sewists but the term is simple and satisfying.

Good thing I am just making quilts lately.  I can be a quilter for now.

I have made a few more mug rugs.  I like having a mat to protect my desk from my cup of tea and I like a few soft landing spots for my camera and cell phone.  These are made from fabric selvages, adapted from this tutorial.

I also made a mat for my sewing machine which matches the cover I made a few months ago. The mat makes the machine look old and unattractive (it is) and the machine covers up the pretty new mat.  Hmm...

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