Sunday, March 06, 2011

He Plays the Trumpet

Last year, Ray was just a 7th grader when he was asked by his middle school band teacher if he would like to play in the jazz band. The class would meet at the high school at 6:30 am twice a week. Our son is not a musical prodigy; the teacher is just very inclusive and believes in bringing kids along and challenging them to work hard and improve by trying new things.

The local library has been open in some form or fashion for 100 years.  There was weekend fanfare to commemorate the occasion and the high school jazz band played a few tunes.  The band set up in front of a bank of windows and the trumpets lined up on a balcony.  With the strong backlight and bad angles, it wasn't a good set up for parental paparazzi .

Well, how about some audio instead?  Here is a 24 second movie:

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