Monday, February 21, 2011

Hat Problem

The hats are starting to pile up.  We don't need any more ourselves.  Except for baby hats, I hesitate to give my knitted items as gifts mostly because I don't presume to know what someone else might like.  I have sent hats to Dulaan and Caps for Kids.  Sometimes I hear of someone who is going to Eritrea or Guatemala or to an orphanage in Russia and if they are willing to carry a bag of hats to donate, my hats will go along.  But I also feel fine about giving them to the Goodwill or to a local thrift shop like Soroptimist.  The organizations make a few dollars on the sales and the buyer is choosing what they like and what fits.

Yesterday Ray asked me "Why do you like to knit?  What's so satisfying about it?"  I was driving so gave it very little thought.  "I like to make things.  I like the process of design and creation. Why do you like to shoot Airsoft guns?" 

"It's satisfying."

Yeah, it just is.

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