Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Things to Enjoy

Doris Lessing books are a pleasure these days. I read "Love, Again" and "The Sweetest Dream" and liked them both very much. Barry Unsworth wrote "Morality Play" which I liked and I am waiting for his book "Sacred Hunger". In the meantime, a Jean Thompson short story collection "Who Do You Love" is keeping me company. Don't know why drug addicts and sad social workers are appealing right now. Many paths to understanding, I guess.

There are piles of books and lists of movies and new albums and old songs. For some reason, Phoebe Snow singing "Madame George" is just the right tune for now. It has been around forever but this week, it just needs to be in my ears. It has a lovely melody and she has a fabulous voice and with Van's stream of consciousness for lyrics and that snare drum, well, it is a beautiful combination.

And, word is, the ice is off the lake. Might be, we can launch the plane and go to the cabin and get the summer started. That will be an enjoyable way to spend the weekend.

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