Friday, April 18, 2008

Young Minds

Last night, Ray wondered, "Mom, what if we were just zapped here at this moment in time? What if I just appeared today with my memories programmed in? There isn't any real proof of the past, is there? "

We have a curious child. There are papers scattered around the house with lists of phobias, pages of semaphore alphabet for flag signaling and descriptions of Greek immortal gods. Morse code. The phonetic alphabet. Pendragon and Percy Jackson adventure fantasy books. Calvin and Hobbes.

"How can a person die of stress?" "Is it really impossible to travel faster than the speed of light?" "Do you believe in the afterlife?"

I made a quick trip to Mexico in February, for a family emergency that is now resolved. I sat next to a 5 year old and his father on the four hour flight from San Francisco. The boy was a wonder, reading already, spelling his name, asking his dad about everything. And on the ferry, in March, I listened to a woman, loud and proud, talking about her granddaughter, exclaiming that there was really something special about the girl. And I realized that family life gives us access to children as individuals and allows us to notice them and share their marvels and their delights. Kids are cool.

Some annoying facts from Ray, the guest blogger:

The average 2 year old asks 439 questions a day.

Cat urine glows under a black light.

And his favorite quote from a coach is "Now pair up into groups of three and line up in a circle".

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