Monday, September 24, 2007


We were at the cabin this weekend and I had a lazy hour or two on Friday to drift around in the rowboat. The water was calm and I was surrounded by high mountains and big sky. We had just seen a black bear on the beach across the way and I was hoping for a closer look. There were mountain goats up on the ridges and a dozen trumpeter swans floating nearby, honking in swan language.

My little camera was with me and and I took a lot of lousy pictures - flat light, crooked horizons and out of focus shots from straining the zoom. Wanna see a picture of the oar? It's the best I could do photographically.

I wish I could say that all that calm water calmed me down. There have been more than a few things to worry about around here and somehow my worst case scenario kind of mind has been running amok. The fall colors and the fresh snow on the peaks do convey a natural sort of peace but it has been a great deal more reassuring to get the results of some medical tests (on 3 different people) and find out that the best case scenarios are the ones that are playing out. Several phone conversations sorted out some other kinks and my mental boat seems to be more stable today.

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