Friday, April 06, 2007

A Week at the Cabin

The bridge broke. Dave went out with a bunch of men, some who worked and some who watched, and made the bridge right again. A key to the success of this operation was a very large piece of heavy machinery which did the major lifting. Yay, hydraulics!

It is easy to stare at the mountains across the lake from the cabin. With high powered binoculars, you can see goat tracks and, occasionally, actual goats, wandering around in the deep snow. The avalanche chutes draw the eye like the face of a glacier; all that snow is hanging there waiting to fall and you want to see it when it happens. One of the slopes in the photo above was deemed safe enough for heliskiers to use so we watched six people carve their way halfway down the bowl with the shadow falling across it. The scale is deceiving; we couldn't even see the helicopter without major magnification.

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