Monday, March 12, 2007


Dave had an airport conference to attend in Reno, which is where my mother and one of my sisters live. So Ray and I tagged along, happy to escape our happy home for the pleasures of a hotel stay and a visit with Grandma.

Once we had airplane tickets in hand and had confirmed travel dates, a sort of family reunion got organized. My other sister and one of my brothers drove in from Eugene and Elko with their spouses, and several nieces and nephews came over from California. Four generations were there, from Grandma at 75 to my niece's daughter, age 22 months.

Of course, the baby was the star! Little Aubree was doted on by all of us; her cousins Ray and Rowan took turns walking her up and down the stairs and I think my sister, Aubree's grandma, would have given her the moon if she'd only asked. She was bright, good natured and totally delightful. What a sweet child!

Ray loved staying at the hotel. He loved the pool and Rosie's Cafe and the slot machines and the elevators. He liked the ice machine and his great, big bed. He was really looking forward to room service but I talked him out of it. The restaurant looked too good to me after an hour or two of "home school" in the mornings.

I sure miss my family. We stay in touch but we are sprinkled all over the western part of this very large country so we don't see each other enough. It was a nice visit; it was just over way too soon.

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