Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wolf Walk

A large black wolf has been living out by the Mendenhall Glacier for the last several years. I went for a long walk out there yesterday and saw the wolf for the first time. He is heavier now than when these pictures were taken and looks strong and healthy. He is always seen alone; his "pack" seems to be local dogs who are walked by their humans in his territory.

My friend has a dog and the wolf approached us because of Gypsy. He trotted up with friendly body language and there was sniffing. Tails were wagged, ears were up, fur was down. Named Romeo by the people of Juneau, the wolf stayed with us, about 50 feet away, for a mile or two. When we drew apart, he howled and howled - a haunting, lonely sound, even on a bright day with friends nearby.

The photographs are by Doug Jones. I found them here. Contacting Doug by email failed and he is not listed in the local phone book, so perhaps he has moved. His pictures are great (click on them to enlarge). The wolf is beautiful.

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