Monday, January 22, 2007

Dave's New Plane

CharlieDave likes to say that I bought him a new plane for Christmas.

Leather seatsThis is not the style of interior to which we have become accustomed. Where's the duct tape?

Instrument panel
Obligatory shot of the instrument panel.

The real story? It is easier to get up to our cabin with a plane on floats. The seller of the plane, Charlie (guy in the top photo), had a perfect 180 that he had meticulously improved in the four years that he owned it. The owner before that had a bunch of money that he threw at the plane, installing a new engine and a new propeller. So when Charlie ran out of things to work on, he put the word out that he wanted to sell it. There were floats available in a nearby hangar and he agreed to install the floats. So we bought it. We have our wheel plane, the 172, for sale.

Weekends at the cabin are now on the calendar for the season. Dave has to work to pay for the plane, he needs the plane because he is working. It is sort of a vicious cycle, but the pilot in the family looks pretty happy. I think he is a 180 guy through and through.

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