Sunday, December 24, 2006

Where's Dad?

"Where's Dad?"

When Katherine or Ray would ask that question, I used to answer. Now all that is required is a pause, and they answer themselves.

"He's at the hangar."

Yep, Dave is usually at the hangar. He originally bought the hangar to house the airplane but it serves more purposes than storage. It is a workshop for his projects and a place where a lot of other guys in trucks drop by with advice and their own plans to discuss. Yesterday, Dave and Pete replaced the landing gear on our 172, changing out the big tundra tires for stock wheels.

Last week the motorcycle got new tires, a jack for the snowmachine needed to be modified and the new lift for working on the bike had to be assembled. There is always something to do at the hangar.

There is a bar/restaurant in town called The Hangar. Sometimes we joke about Dave being there instead, drinking beer or ogling waitresses, but that wouldn't amuse him for long. He could be getting something done at the airport.

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