Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sleds and Skis

Ray and Jamie Ray found a sled and some ski passes under the Christmas tree so we have had some winter sports days this final week of winter break. The sledding resulted in a skinned wrist, a cut lip and a broken strap on the new sled but the helmet was there when Ray's head crashed into a tree. Santa's workshop replaced the sled (Costco) and the scrapes and spills were quickly forgotten. The sledding hill is close by and Ray and Jamie will want to go back as soon as there is some more new snow.

Eaglecrest Bus There is a bus that goes directly to the ski area on weekends and school holidays. It leaves from a mall about half a mile from our house and only costs $5 round trip. Parents ride free. Yesterday's load of passengers ranged in age from 13-16 with the exception of Ray and his old mother. It was a pretty fun ride and was certainly no slower than driving ourselves. We ended up riding back down with some friends who live nearby. It was Ray's call; I rather liked the bus.

Ray on the Bunny Hill

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