Friday, October 20, 2006

Scandinavian Socks

These are Scandinavian Socks, by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts from the Fall 2006 Vogue Knitting. Katherine liked the pattern and chose to use the same colors as the designer. She thought it kind of funny that they happen to be her high school colors.

I used Lang Jawoll yarn from Simply Socks in black, white and red (obviously) and US 1 needles. I tried to make the heel and toe as directed but couldn't seem to understand quite how it was to be done so I devised another strategy to get the stripes in there and still have a nice looking sock.

I did make a mistake that almost caused me to rip out half of the first sock. I knit half a row of waste yarn for the heel stitches, then continued on and finished the toe. When I went back to pick up the heel stitches, I realized I had just carried my contrast yarns right through the middle of the heel. I had centered the color change down the back of the leg and the bottom of the foot so it looked good but left me with less than an inch to tie off and weave in ends. I managed to tie some knots with the smallest of ends (not easy) and then used some fabric glue to cement the knots. Katherine won't mind walking on knots; she used to come home with rubber boots filled with gravel.

She loves the socks which makes me happy as well.

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