Friday, September 08, 2006

Walking the Dock

Katherine lived with her dad on a houseboat for a few years before Dave and I were married. We all lived together on a larger boat for a couple of years after Ray was born. Without an assigned slip, our boat was moved around from harbor to harbor depending on the season and other subtle factors known only to live aboard residents and those who managed the city owned facilities. There are seven or so harbors in town and we got to know them all.
Walking the dock was sometimes a chore and sometimes a pleasure. Carrying a baby and a bag of trash up a steep, icy ramp was no fun, even when the wind wasn't blowing. But on a warm afternoon or a still evening, it was pleasant to stroll the fingers and floats of our neighborhood and look at the range of floating craft tied along side. Shiny yachts and fishing boats shared space with skiffs and sailboats and a home built submarine. It was always interesting and I still like to go down to the dock every once in a while and have a look around.

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