Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I'm still walking every day. Since I am not working, I really do have time for exercise and walking is my default activity. There is a riverside path near our house which is pleasant rain or shine. It is a lush time of year - buds and berries burst into bloom, mushrooms erupt, foliage doubles in size in a week.

Ray and his six year old cousin accompanied me on my walk last week which slowed the pace. I took some pictures and they looked for fairies and threw rocks in the river. Luna found a large jingle bell that must have fallen from a dog collar or a backpack. Bells are thought to warn bears of the presence of others. That little prize may have been the highlight of her trip to Alaska, though she also seemed to really like driving her grandfather's boat.

The kids went back to school today. Everyone was up early and excited about the day. Good way to start out.

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