Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Motorcycle Geezers

While we were in Mexico, Dave got this irresistable urge to buy a motorcycle. I tried to beat it out of him but it was no use. I should talk to the wives of men who I have heard say "My wife wouldn't let me." I am ignorant of some key technique.

Dave He rode the bike up from Reno in May, and has ridden it around Juneau this summer. He also washes it a lot and takes pictures, kind of like those knit bloggers with their sock photos - here is my sock in front of the glacier, now my sock in front of a cool jet parked at the airport, etc.

Now he is off on a tour with two other BMW bikers, exploring the Yukon Territory and Alaska. They are camping and having a good time. Cute, aren't they?

Jim and John

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Anonymous said...

The bald guy is kinda cute. They both look like they're having a good time, which is better than having them hanging around the house being cranky and getting in the way.