Saturday, July 29, 2006



Sometimes ideas for projects are so easy. I had seen the pattern for Knucks just before Katherine came home from Turkey. It didn't occur to me to make some until I was watching a slideshow that the exchange students had compiled to document their year together in Istanbul. One of the photos was a pair of hands with an ink stained knuckle tattoo. Bing! Before the next picture flashed, I had a project added to my list.

So this pair is really just a prototype. I wanted to surprise Katherine with the finished gloves but I have zero confidence in picking out colors she would choose herself. She liked these well enough, but there will be another pair with her input.

Project details: Well, I changed everything about the pattern, except the idea of embroidery on the knuckles. I used Lamb's Pride Worsted Yarn, US 5 needles and my generic glove pattern for the stitch count and the gauge.

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