Thursday, February 09, 2006

Different Points of View

When Dave and I are in a car together, or when we are walking, he sees things I would never see if I were alone. He points out new cell phone towers, antennas and satellite dishes. Oh look, that cement plant must use that gravel pit. Did you see how much rebar they are using in that bridge?

I have recently learned about the conversion of engines from gasoline to propane. Hadn't I ever noticed that forklifts always use propane as a source of fuel? Well, no, I had not. Construction techniques, motorcycles made in Mexico, storm drains and all manner of airplanes and helicopters may have just passed me by had I not had Dave along to point them out.

And what do I look at? I observe nature as sort of a broad background, but mostly I look at people. I see fresh faced children with gel in their smooth hair, in clean uniforms on their way to school. I see vigorous teenagers in the streets. I notice morbid obesity, the curve of scoliosis and a not-very-old woman with a missing breast and a chemo scarf. I see the uneven gait of arthritis and the raised shoulders and pursed lips of emphysema. I can't help but see garbage everywhere and all the dog poop, but also can't help but notice the unwavering yielding of seats on the bus to the pregnant women and los ancianos, the old ones.

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