Friday, January 27, 2006


We have had the small misfortune of plumbing problems in our rented apartment. A cracked toilet bowl, a cracked tank (the other toilet) and someone's reading glasses lodged in a place they didn't belong have resulted in several visits by the local plumbing professionals.

We call Irineo and he sends either Danny or Josfre. They get here by bus, usually right away, and arrive with a few tools in a backpack. Once they diagnose the problem, they ask for money to buy what is needed. There is a plumbing supply store two blocks from our building, so bolts and wax seals and silicone sealer can be purchased there. We just give them the money they need and they bring back the change and a receipt. Twice Dave has driven Josfre to a more distant store to buy bigger items, such as the new toilet.

The work is good, the response time is fabulous and they don't charge much. We have only been charged between $28 and $47 US for the labor on each of three visits, each of which involved at least removing and reinstalling a toilet. I can't say it has been particularly fun for anyone but I can hope that we don't need to call on these nice young men again.

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