Monday, January 16, 2006


I am out of yarn. I made some hats out of the dregs of leftover yarn from other projects, but now I am really out. The only yarn that I have found to buy here in Puerto Vallarta is white cotton from WalMart and some fine gauge acrylic. I made a second scarf out of the Walmart cotton. It only costs $3 US for the materials but I don't want to make another one. Fortunately, we have some friends from Juneau coming to visit on Tuesday and they are bringing me some wool. I will be making some more scarves from Scarf Style.

The hats will go to an orphanage that is nearby. I hear there are ten babies there and, though we don't think it is cold here in the winter, all the babies wear hats. Let's keep those little ones warm.

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kim said...

I really like me some good ideas for hats to knit up for the Cancer Center. (The knitting guild's next charity-knitting project). I really like the first one..the colours, and the little corkscrew curls on top