Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

The fireworks started at midnight. On my morning walk, I had seen the preparations being made, the trucks unloaded, the canisters set in place. The Malecon is a paved promenade that fronts downtown Puerto Vallarta and it was to serve as both a launching and viewing platform. Huge crowds were expected. Booths of all kinds would be selling food, drink and much more.

An eight year old boy and his 50 something parents did not make it down to the party. We watched from our balcony, partly dressed, and heard the shouts and gunshots around us. Dave lifted the sleeping too-tall child from the couch where he was "waiting" and held him, talking, for a few minutes, while the explosions lit up the sky. In the morning, he remembered none of it.

Another walk this morning. There was garbage everywhere, already half swept up by the clean up crew. Stragglers from various parties were still heard, seated in white plastic chairs on patios, or in groups, swinging their beers and singing as they walked down the sidewalk, arms flung across shoulders. Happy New Year.

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knitties said...

Hi there, I recently came across your blog and absolutely enjoy reading it :) Your knitting is beautiful too! Happy New Year to you and your family, may 2006 be a fantastic year for you!