Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Dave and I met Matthew Miller at his home in Belize in 1998. Dave was working as a volunteer pilot for Lighthawk. We returned to Belize again two years later and Dave and Matthew have kept in touch. This is what Matthew had to say when he heard that Dave was willing to leave his beloved projects at Chilkat Lake for a school year in Mexico.

"You are such a supportive, willing partner to follow Sarina's wish to spend the year in a Spanish language dominated culture and country. This is the mark of a real man, whose ego is in check and whose soul finds a way to express the unlimited love inherent in us all. Putting your toys aside and being content with sunshine, salt water, new discoveries by walking into the town market and BOOKS to read is a sign that heaven is on earth when we open up and look for it. I'd say you have arrived, my man, and have much reason to give thanks and praise."

I pretty much agree with Matthew. I appreciate Dave.

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